With funding support from the European Union (EU), CEDAC has been implementing a agriculture and rural development project titled “Improving Livelihood of most Vulnerable Family in Prey Veng Province” (IFS-PV). The project is funded by the European Union (EU), began its implementation on January 01, 2010 and will continue until December 31, 2012. As of December 2010, the project had covered 200 target villages across 9 communes in three districts (Prash Sdach, Kampong Trobeak and Baphnom District of Prey Veng province). Up to now, 13,950 families have cooperated with the project through practicing agricultural innovations introduced by the project as well as participating as members of the farmers supported by the project.

Establishment of women group is one among other major of activities of project. The project strengthened farmer promoters in order to enable them have adequate capacity to support the women group. As of December 2010, the farmer promoters have supported 70 women groups with 1,033 members in 70 villages across 9 communes in Prash Sdace district.

Since the establishment of women group, women have significantly improved in terms of their knowledge and capacity. For instance, a women group called ‘’Happy women group’’ in Pour Village, Banteay Chakrey commune, Prash Sdach district was set up on 21 June, 2010 with 15 members and three management committee members. The objectives of the women group are to improve capacity and knowledge of agriculture techniques, improve cooperation and mutual-help among the members, exchange of knowledge in relation to  heath care and sanitation, and to  improve the livelihood through participating in collective saving group and family planning.

As the result, we observed that these women has achieved as mention as following:

  • Organized monthly meeting regularly
  • Conducted monthly follow-up support to members
  • Prepared action plan of women group
  • The three management committee members of women group have regularly participated in monthly meeting with the project staff
  • Women group members were interested to apply several agriculture techniques, for instance 3 women have practiced Ecological Chicken Raised (ECR), 10 women have practiced home gardening, 5 women have newly constructed bathrooms, 9 women have  implemented water sanitation and other 9 women prepare their family plan
  • Women group members have started to apply agricultural innovations rather than waiting for receiving material assistance from outsiders.

For planning in 2011 were set up by this women group as bellow:

  • 8 families will apply fish culture
  • 3 families will apply earthworm raising
  • 7 families will apply ecological chicken raising
  • 5 home gardens will be prepared by women group members

Through the establishment of women group, women have improved their knowledge and capacity especially they have increased their self-reliance rather than waiting for outside material assistance. Additionally, they are strongly interested to cooperate with the project because they have improved their family livelihood. Notably, most of the women were not interested in agricultural practices, but they now are interested in agricultural practices such as chicken raising, vegetable growing, earthworm raising and fish culture. For social issue, all members of women group improved their mutual help and solidarity, for instance they helped each other to transplant and harvest rice as well as jointly discussed to solve the women’s issues.