Farmer’s Solidarity Association is located in Speur Kert village, Speur Kor commune, Baphnom district, Prey Veng province. The association was established on August 27, 2010 under the facilitation of the project Improving Food Security of the most vulnerable families in Prey Veng (IFS_PV). . There are two Saving Groups under the affiliation of the farmer association. At the inception, 90 members (65 female) participated in the saving group with the total capital of 21,904,300 riels. Up to now, there are  4 farmer groups under the umbrella of this farmer association, including 2 saving groups, 1 Women Group, 1Young Couple Group) with 116 members (84 female) and the total capital of 27,925,000 riels.

In order to strengthen its management structure, the Farmer’s Solidarity Association prepared its By-Law with the official recognition from the Commune chief and village chief. The objectives of the association are mentioned as the following:

  • Increase cooperation and mutual-help among farmers  in the village
  • Improve diversified agricultural production and productivity through the application of agricultural innovations
  • Improve access to saving and credit through the establishment of collective saving group.

Before the establishment the farmer association, farmers didn’t better access to marketing information and lacked knowledge of sustainable agricultural innovations. Most of farmers depended on external agriculture inputs especially chemical fertilizer and insecticide. Furthermore, it was also shortage of local human resource that play very important role in disseminating the agricultural innovations in the villages.

After the establishment of the association, farmers have gained understanding of agricultural innovation as well as improved cooperation and mutual-help. For instance, most of farmers in the village participated in saving groups. 4 management committee members were selected by the members through the election in order to be responsible for managing the association. The management committee members play main roles in leading and managing the association.  Particularly, the agricultural innovations are disseminated widely in the village, including, Home gardening, System of rice intension (SRI), Improving pig raising, ECR, fish raising, and gathering of natural fertilizer etc. In addition, farmers have gained understanding of local resource rather than using of external agricultural inputs (chemical fertilizer, pesticide and seed…).

Main achievements of the association are indicated as the following:

  • Two saving groups were established with 87 members (59 women) and total capital of 27, 925,000 riels
  • One women group was established with 18 members
  • One young couple group was established with 11 members (7 women).
  • 38 families have applied home gardening
  • 27 families have practiced SRI on the area of 363a
  • 5 families have practiced ECR
  • 11 families have practiced pig rearing technique
  • 31 families have applied fish raising in the family pond
  • 62 families have gathered natural fertilizer

The following are the key factors contributed to the success of the farmer association:

  • Organize monthly meeting regularly
  • Transparency, and thinking of whole advantage
  • The association leader feels confidence on own self and keep new initiative in doing some thing
  • Presenting regularly of all achievements to members
  • The members and committee feel confidence on each other and being clear
  • Having a good cooperation with village and commune chief
  • Members understand clearly on association objective and By-law

Written by Mr. Seurng Vanna