Today, Yim Sok Sophors facilitated a meeting with M&E team at CEDAC office. Pheng Chandy, Moeu Sokchea, Kep Ratana, Nhep Mengcheang, Leng Huch, Sin Phoan, Vang Sean, and Nuon Piseth actively participated in the meeting. To me, I was interested to hear information from Chandy in relation to the exposure visit on Gender that was organized by DCA/CA. I think that some ideas and information provided by Chandy are useful for me and others to develop our project strategy in supporting to women. Chandy told that there will be an exposure visit to IFS-PV next time.

On the other hand, I observed that Piseth is now more involved in Monitoring and Evaluation activities, for instance he helped to translate the interviewed questionnaires and result of focus group discussion meetings with the key informants from Khmer to English. It is to recall that an evaluation on Social Capital was recently conducted in Tramkak District, in Takeo Province by the Internal M&E of CEDAC Field Program in cooperation with Mr. Scott Rankin from Australia. During the meeting, I myself also did a small presentation for my team members. It focused on CONCEPT OF M&E. In addition, I would like to tell you that the next M&E monthly meeting will be held on 03 December 2010 at CEDAC Office. I hope that the team members could learn very well from the presentation. Actually, we have learned something small but it will contribute to achieve a big result in the near future.

On the same day, I (Yim Sok Sophors) was also writing the end project evaluation report of CSPPM. It has now almost finished. However, Mengcheang and I need to work more on recommendations. I think that I will firstly send the report to Mr. Yi Kim Than, to ask him for comment. The report will be completely finalized as soon as possible when we get the baseline data from CRS. Last but not least, I would like to tell you that I, on behalf of Dr. Yang Saing Koma President of CEDAC, will be at Cambodianna Hotel tomorrow to participate in a National Conference, organized by ECOSORN. H.E. Chan Sarun will be the chairman of the conference. I will share with you my observation on the conference later on. Good luck and nice to hear from you!!!