CEDAC Field Program organized its one-day monthly meeting on 11 October 2010 at CEDAC head office in Phnom Penh with the participation of project officers, project coordinators, program officer and project M&E officers. I (Yim Sok Sophors) was also the one who participated in the meeting. It was to notice that two Australian volunteers also participated in the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, the objective, program and self introduction were conducted and then the participants shared interesting information from the field as well as the progress progress from one another. Mr. Yi Kim Than director of CEDAC Field Program presented achievement of CMDG in 2009 to the participants and then an plenary discussion how CEDAC can do to achieve the CMDG was discussed among the participants. Finally, we agreed to select 14 villages to be CMDG villages. It means that CEDAC select those villages from its current target villages and working to measure the progress of CMDG. During the meeting, I also shared with the participants my understanding about Prevalence, Indicator and Target. Hopefully, the participants could gain more understanding relating to these technical terms.

The meeting enabled the participants to get more information relating to the progress of each project under the affiliation of CEDAC Field Program. I also think that it was a good opportunities for two volunteers to learn more about what CEDAC Field Program is doing. Furthermore, the participants will bring what they have learned from the meeting especially the CMDG to discuss and train their staffs in the field offices. The next meeting of CEDAC Field Program will be held in Kompong Cham Province in November 2010.