Today, I and other members[1] of the internal M&E team of CEDAC Field Program had a meeting with Mr. Scott Rankin to discuss about the evaluation of CEDAC on SOCIAL CAPITAL. Ms. San Mari who is the Australian volunteer in CEDAC Field Program also participated in the meeting and she will join in the evaluation in the field (Tramkak District, Takeo Province).

At the beginning of the meeting, self-introduction about job, background of work, etc was presented to each other. It was really good for us to know more detail about each individual. Then, Mr. Scott presented about the objectives of the evaluation to all of the participants; the definition of social capital was presented and discussed after the presentation.

The participants also conducted a small group discussion meeting about (1). What 10 features of social capital are in the context of CEDAC’s target communities, (2). How did CEDAC contribute to build the social capital in the communities, and (3). How do we measure the social capital?

A plenary presentation about the result of the group discussion was presented by Mr. Nuon Piseth. During the presentation, Mr. Scott asked some relevant questions in order to make a good clarity about the result. At the same time, we have also learned about how to create some social capital indicators; it needs to be specific and précised.

Most of us had Lunch together at Nisai Samut Restaurant. Mr. Scott was working after the lunch time to summarize the key ideas came up from the group discussion at the morning. Based on the result, he could develop some guiding questions to be used for collecting the qualitative information from the communities. Ultimately, the program of the evaluation was developed by the participants. We planned to conduct 6 FOCUS GORUP DISCUSSION MEETING with the participation of the community representatives and also INDIVIDUAL INTERVIEW with the key informants in 6 villages across 2 communes. The result from individual interview and group discussion will be crosschecked to make it accurate and reliable.

To me, I think that this exercise will be good for me and other team members to learn how to conduct evaluation on social capital. Mr. Scott added that from this exercise the M&E team members would be able to gain more knowledge, skill and capacity to conduct social capital impact assessment/evaluation and it would be helpful for CEDAC to improve its evaluation framework. We will be traveling from Phnom Penh to Tramkak District at early tomorrow morning for about 2 hours and then discuss about the reviewed questionnaire in Khmer version translated by Mr. Yim Sok Sophors before going to the field for individual interview.

[1] Yim Sok Sophors, Huot Dok, Khat Bora, Moeu Sokchea, Vang Sean, Nuon Piseth, and Chhin Chhunhoir