Mission Report to the Project, “Improving Livelihood for Women and Rural Poor in Mundulkiri Province/IFWP-MP”

Date: 3-5 October 2010

In Koah Nheaek and Pichrda Districts, Mundulkiri Province

A two-day reflection meeting with all of the project staffs[1] and community based field assistants of IFWP-MP had been held from 4-5 October 2010. Mr. Sim Samoeun, executive director of CEDAC on behalf of project director IFWP-MP acted as main facilitator of the meeting. The following as the meeting agenda:

  • Sharing information relating to situation of farmers in the target villages
  • Mr. Pol Samath the project officer presented the progress of the project including activities and outputs comparing to the plan.
  • Group discussion among the project staffs and the community based field assistants to find out the project’s outcome and impact. Qualitative information was discussed and rose.
  • Preparing action plan for the next 15 months to reach the end of project.
  • Mr. Sim Samoeun provided technical training to the participants on the topic of vegetable gardening

[1] Yim Sok Sophors, Pol Samath, Kim Rady, Pheung Kosa, Mak Samath, Pil Sovann, Som Chariay + 6 CFAs (Community based Field Assistants)


About Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

Smallholder Agriculture Specialist / National Consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Cambodia.
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