By Or Thy

CEDAC Organized Training on“Effective Presentation and Communication Skills” from 04th to 05th of  October 2010 and had 36 staff who participated,  they were Project Coordinators, Project Officers, Project Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Trainers, and Field Community Facilitators. The training was held at CEDAC Phnom Penh head office and facilitated by Mr. Or Thy, Program Advisor and Mr. Hour Sreng, Program Officer of CEDAC. The purpose of the training was to enhance effective facilitation, presentation, and communication skills.

First of all, facilitator, Mr. Or Thy, had distributed the training schedule to ensure that participants understand the purpose of the training. Secondly, he distributed the personal presentation skills evaluation sheet where participants rated themselves  and evaluated what their current skills were. Most of the participants were rated on the scale between 40 and  80 scores, which meant that  this training program would be useful for them in becoming  effective presenters.

Later on, participants were divided into five groups to discuss  one case study about The town of Luang Reap Hoi, they had to analyze and identify the problems in the situation.  Groups then proposed ideas to address the main problems, their task was to select a possible activity and organize a one day workshop by designing a workshop session guide. Then, each group did a role play for 15 minutes to present their discussions to all the participants.

Furthermore, the  following topics on effective presentation and communication skills had been taught as key tips to participants:

  • Key strategy for doing a presentation;
  • Different roles of an expert and a facilitator;
  • 12 techniques of facilitation skills;
  • The golden rule of a facilitator;
  • Dialogue and Monologue;
  • Listening Pairs; and
  • Listening Techniques

All in all, this training was highly successful, as all participants had the opportunity to build their capacity and gain more knowledge. Participants did not only learn the key tips regarding Effective Presentation and Communication Skills but also transformed their current learning of  group work, using role plays as a tool, and setting up workshop session guides.  Hopefully the knowledge and skills gained would benefit  the work that CEDAC does within the community, as our staff would be able to more effectively present and facilitate their trainings.