Dear all, I would like to share with you my brief note as follows: Yesterday, I wrote a quarterly progress report, covering from July to September 2010, for a project titled “Linking Farmers with Market for Rural Prosperity”. The project is implementing in 50 villages in Prey Veng and Svay Rieng. The project funder is IDE (International Development Enterprises). I could know that 82% of the total target farmers have grown vegetables. About 45% of the total target farmers have produced vegetable for selling. They have gained additional income for their families. To me, I think that if farmers have sufficient water for growing vegetables, they will be able to produce vegetables for market supplies. Therefore, in general irrigation system is very important for farmers. Furthermore, I think that farmers need to know how to grow vegetables by using less water, how to save water for farming.


Yesterday, I also wrote an article relating to the Provincial Coordination Committee Meeting for CEDAC website. I was very happy because I could contribute my inputs for the website. I believe that CEDAC has been doing many important events every day. But the events are missing because we have not recorded / shared it widely. However, I see many other staffs have started writing and sharing what they have done through our learning group. It will be helpful for Mr. Him Khortieth to gather information for the website. Today on 01 October, 2010, I worked on the small proposal for submission to WWF. It is an extension of the project titled “Agriculture Livelihood Project for the Sok San Indigenous Community, in Koah Nheaek district, Mundulkiri province”. We requested to WWF with the amount of 6,940 $ which is the remaining budget of the project ALP mentioned above. The request letter, proposed budget and activity plan were already submitted to WWF this afternoon. I think that we can use the budget for contribution to implement IFWP-MP project. On the other hand, I would like to tell you that I include a budget line for preparing an external exposure visit, I think that it is good to use it for allowing farmers to studying “Rice Bank” in the low land area. Sanmari who is an Australian volunteer at CEDAC Field Program helped me to edit my paper. I am very happy to hear that she was coming via an email sent by Mr. Yi Kim Than, our Field Program Director.

Finally, I would like to inform you that I will be at Mundulkiri Province from 3-6 Oct with Mr. Sim Samoeun Executive Director of CEDAC in order to write up the annual progress report of IFWP-MP for submission to the European Union (EU). Thank very much to all of you for reading my note. Best wishes and regards, Yim Sok Sophors