The final workshop of joint climate change project was conducted on 15-16 September in Phnom Penh Ecumenical Diakonia Center, #19-21, Street 330, Boeng Keng Kang 3. Mr. Yim Sok Sophors Program Officer, Mr. Lang Chanthea Project Officer and Mr. Yi Kim Than Program Director of CEDAC Field Program participated in the meeting. CORD, DCA/CA and ForumSyd organized this meeting in purpose of finalizing the project proposals, presenting proposals to donors as well as sharing the achievement of the Joint Climate Change Project (Phase 1). During the first-day meeting, there were about 30 participants from 10 partner NGOs participated in.

Mr. Robert Sola Climate Change External Consultant and Mr. Tuot Chamreun co-trainer from CORD facilitated the two-day meeting. Each partner NGO presented their proposals, especially to show some changes after conducting Field Based Investigation (Consultation Meeting with Multi-Stakeholders in the project areas). In each presentation, the participants raised questions in order to make clear and to improve the project proposal. In the end of each presentation, Mr. Robert helped to sum up the key ideas of the proposal.

In the second day of the meeting, there were about 100 participants from different NGOs and funding agencies participated in the meeting. 12 new partner NGOs for Joint Climate Change Initiative Project phase 2 were invited to participate in the meeting. It is to notice that CORD, DCA/CA and ForumSyd is preparing is new proposal to SIDA for continue this project in the phase 2.

The participants raised many questions relating to climate change. It was able to notice that Climate Change Lens seems to be a new topic for majority of the participants. Some questions were raised concerning to the basic concept of climate change and some other questions concentrating to make clarity of the project proposals. It is to recall that CEDAC also prepared a small proposal[1] covering on 5 villages in Thlork Vien Commune, Samaky Mean Chey District, Kompong Chhnang Province. The pilot project will be implemented within 18 months by the following objectives: 1). Integrate the climate change lens into the sustainable livelihood program of CEDAC, 2). Strengthen capacity of farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emission through the application of resilient agricultural technique, and 3). Strengthen local multi stakeholders in the integration of the CC lens within the commune development plans and annual commune investment program.

Last but not the least, the Joint Climate Change Project enabled us to gain knowledge of climate change (Concept, Principles and Practices), Organizational Self-Assessment, Project Design with Climate Change Integration, Participatory Action Research and Multi-Stakeholder Right based Approach, Field Based Investigation of Climate Change Issues and Probable Responses. It is expected that we will gain more knowledge and concrete experiences after implementing the pilot project. The meeting ended happily and information was widely disseminated amongst development practitioners and potential funding agencies.

[1] The proposal already submitted to CORD and it might be implemented in October 2010.