Written by Sun Bunseng

Today I facilitated a meeting in order to conduct the end project evaluation of CSPPM project, with participation of 3 Cluster representatives in Ang Romeas, commune, Dang Tung district, Kampot province. The meeting aimed to study situation of CBO while cooperating with project including the cooperation and support by commune councilor and opportunity CBO to participate in monthly meeting of the commune council, to participate in CIP development process especially the raising issues/actual needs of community to CC. Furthermore, the CBO was actively involved in Natural Resource Management (NRM) of the community through implementing the small grant and conducting the collective selling and buying action.

Importantly, to know whether has CBO organized meeting regularly every month? Did community members know their CBO activities? etc. The method of collecting the information is focus group discussion meeting.

As result of meeting it is noted that the CBO executive members conducted many activities related to basic development, the collecting saving fund, participated in the monthly meeting of CC, participated in CIP development process and raised the actual needs of the community for submission to the commune council, improved management of Natural Resources (NR), etc. In addition, they have gained more understanding as abovementioned but there were only 3 of 7 CBO executive members participated in group discussion meeting and it likely lacked of cooperation and participation from the CBO executive committee members.