Written by Phorn Phira

One week has gone; the main activity is training providing on post harvest management to cooperating farmer of Green Belt project at Siem Reap province. In order to capacity building and increase knowledge to relevant topic, post harvest management and rice disease has searched from the internet. So I would like share some website that has document related to rice in Khmer and English. www.ricebankknowlegde.org, www.crkb.org.kh3277a-dsc00328

Post Harvest Management (PHM)

The post harvest management training is 3rd session for new target areas and also the last session for SRI training of project. The training focused on the advantage of PHM, simple method to manage production and quality control, and standard on the market. This is main purpose of the training but senior trainer has advised to add seed selection at the end of session because this session is last training for SRI training. Through the add seed selection, the farmers interested on seed selection than PHM so that we discussed about this issue and than changed it to introduce in started point before PHM but the farmer still interest on seed selection. In case I observed that, farmers knew seed is very important for them to increase high yield so they need to select in this year.

For the PHM I’ve provided 3 trainings to project. Fortunately, Mr. Or Thy, programme adviser of CEDAC has participated in one training to monitor and backstop on training session. After the training he commented as following

  • Training should be used picture and meta card
  • Trainer should be brainstorm and conclude the appreciate technique or comment before provided other technique
  • The venue should be good condition included accessible to sun light (not dark), windy and quite…
  • The voice of trainer be cleared and speak slowly to make sure the trainees could understand topic
  • Trainer should be draw the interesting picture/photo to show the trainees
  • Trainer should be reviewed one by one on topic to trainees
  • At the end of session should be take time to farmer to impress on the training session and planning with them what point could adapted.

Field Visit

Field visit after training session, farmers appreciated new innovation because they have invested their own capital to apply innovation while project has not incentive to support them. The field visit was done on cooperating farmer with project through apply innovation as SRI and ECR. During the field visit, I consulted with them base on their situation to be innovative farmer.

More interesting, Mr. Chep live in Kork Chrey village, Reul commune of Pouk district of Siem Reap province, he has applied SRI first in the village after the rice growing well and he started to promoted SRI to neighbor farmer and his family. Now SRI is very popular in this village because they knew clearly about SRI technique while unbeliever wants to know about the result in harvest season.