Written by: Sin Phoan

Mrs Sao Pech is, a target family of the project Happy Mountain Bird[1] 3, who lives in Oh Sandan Thmey village, Teuk Hout commune, Roleaphaeir district, Kampong Chhnang province. She has 8 children in her family. 4 out of 8 children have been working as garment workers in Kampong Chhnang Province and Phnom Penh City. Therefore,  she still has 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls) who are studying in state schools. The daughters of this target family are now studying at Primary School and Secondary School. One of them is named Sat Kia, at the age of 14 years old, who is studying at grade 7 at the Teuk Hout Secondary School.

Another one is named Sat Ki, at the age of 12 years old, who is studying at grade 4. Sat Ki could get ranking with number 4 in her classroom[2]. Sat Nang is also 12 years old; he is the twin with Sat Ki of this family. They are studying at grade 4, and they have got good ranking in the class. Sat Savin is 8 years old who is studying at grade 2and the result of her study is number 6 in her classroom[3]. They expect to become teachers in the future. They are now making much effort to study and also helping their parents in growing vegetables in the home garden to generate additional income for the family.

Mrs Sao Pech would like to thank to HMB3 for providing technical support to her family such as good techniques for growing vegetables and explanation on advantages of children education. She stressed that “HMB project has provided technical assistance and also helped to explain about advantage of children education”.

Sat Savin is one among the target children of this target family. Now she is studying at grade 2. She’s a very clever student in her class. In the future she wants to be a staff of non-governmental organization (NGO). Sat Savin, said that; now she’s very happy when her parents do not migrate to work outside the village so that she can stay closely with the parents and at the same time it is also easy for her study. She added that her parents have working at home such as growing vegetables, improving rice cultivation methods through SRI principles, raising chicken and cattle.

According to the progress of these target children, we can conclude that; the target children of this family have improved both knowledge and their living condition because the children can go to school regularly. Moreover, this target family has also practiced some agricultural innovations dispersed by the project. On the other hand, Mrs. Sao Pech who is the mother of those target children explaining to other children to understand about advantages of education by using the movie of Jhon & Sophal. If we compare the situation of this target family between the first year of project implementation and the present, there are many positive changes such as: it was very difficult to provide agricultural innovations to this family and the presents also wanted to stop their children education because they did not understand well about the advantages of children education and the future of their children. But after this target family has cooperated with project for nearly 2 years, this family has made a lot of  improvement including knowledge, commitment to send children to go to school and practices of agricultural innovations to increase their family’s income.

[1] The specific objective of HMB3 is to ensure primary education for children of the poorest families

[2] There are 27 students in her class

[3] There are 34 students in the class