On July 30, 2010 Mr. Yim Sok Sophors facilitated a monthly meeting of the M&E team at CEDAC Office in Phnom Penh with the participation of Mr. Nhep Mengcheang Project Officer of CSPPM, Mr. Leng Huch the Project M&E Officer of PRS, Mr. Sin Phoan the Project M&E Officer of HMB3, Mr. Chhin Chhunhoir the Project M&E officer of FF-PV&SR, Miss. Pheng Chandy Field Program Assistant, Mr. Nuon Piseth Database Officer of CEDAC Field Program, and Mr. Khat Bora the Project Officer of LAAR.

All participants shared interesting information and their progress of work during the last two weeks in the field. Currently, dourght is a main problem happening in the fields. In the meantime, farmers have not adequate rains for rainy season rice production. During that time, Mr. Yim Sok Sophors also shared his support mission to IFWP-MP in Mundulkiri and the training on DRR-Livelihood in Kompong Chhnang Province that was organized by CORD. PRS Tools were raised and discussed in detail during the meeting. The participants shared their knowledge and practical experiences related to PRA Tools. Furthermore, we have discussed about GENDER which is a cross-cutting issue. I noticed that the participants shared their understanding very well related to the topic.

The participants have discussed actively the preparation of checklist and questionnaire for conducting the CEDAC Impact Evaluation. It is expected the questionnaire and checklist will be completed and tested in August 2010. The M&E officers will conduct testing in their project’s target villages. It will be helpful for them to gain some ideas for improving the questionnaire and checklist after testing. I think that the meeting was very useful for them to learn related to CEDAC Impact Evaluation, at the same time they also could learn some particular topics such as gender and PRA Tools. The next meeting will be held on 20 August 2010.