The M&E team organized its monthly meeting on 21 June 2010. Mr. Yim Sok Sophors facilitated a half-day meeting with the participation of Mr. Chhin Chhunhoir, Miss. Pheng Chandy, Mr. Vang Sean, Mr. Nuon Piseth, Mr. Meas Somica, Mr. Nhep Mengcheang, Mr. Pil Sovann, and Mr. Leng Huch. Those participants are the project M&E officers of CEDAC. The agenda of the meeting are shown as follows:

  1. Sharing interesting information and sharing the progress of M&E in the last month;
  2. Recap the lesson on Impact Evaluation that trained by Mr. Steffen Johnson;
  3. Finalize the concept note for conducting the impact evaluation of CEDAC
  4. How to interview the change agent
  5. Work plan and cooperation
  6. Sum up and Impression

I could note that the participants shared actively the information relating to the monitoring that they have conducted in the last month. Additionally, some questions were raised to discuss during the meeting and it was a good opportunity for all of the participants to learn from each other. Furthermore, we also could understand the qualitative and quantitative of our project’s progress in the field. On the other hand, I observed that the participants get more clear understanding about the livelihood framework and Samchal framework that are used for conducting the impact evaluation of CEDAC in July 2010. The M&E officers will work in 3 small groups to conduct interview with the change agent in their respective communities. The result of their work will be shared in the meeting on 15-16 July 2010 at CEDAC Office in Phnom Penh.

Finally, Mr. Yim Sok Sophors will finalize the concept note of CEDAC’s impact evaluation and share it with the team members to comment or any other addition. The format/data sheet for data collection on SRI practices (System of Rice Intensification) were requested and sent by Mr. Yim Sok Sophors. It is now the raining season that farmers are busy with rice cultivation, farmers also follow the practices of SRI that is why we need to collect the SRI data for analyzing and reporting.