On 18-19 June 2010 Mr. Steffen Johnson, an consultant from Nordeco-Denmark conducted a training for 12 staff of CEDAC, those are the project M&E officers and research who are mainly involved in project monitoring and evaluation. The training was conducted in the office of CEDAC in Phnom Penh.

Generally, the training mainly focus on research question, how to develop it appropriately, how to arrange the research question, etc. The trainer explained clearly the way to classify the research question. Some research questions are easy so that they were kicked out and some other questions need to be classified at the right level. During the training, the participants also discussed about the WHY question as we want to conduct the impact evaluation for CEDAC that will be conducted in July 2010. It is to note that the impact evaluation was raised for discussion in depth detail. In conclusion, the participants have learned actively on the training topics and they understand clearly about the impact evaluation and outcome evaluation. The understanding on this topic is really good for them to improve their knowledge and work for their responsible duties.

On 21 June 2010, each of the participants will continue their discussion on the detail schedule and methodology for conducting this impact evaluation at CEDAC office in Phnom Penh.