On 6 May 2010, within the framework of CSPPM (Civil Society and Pro-Poor Market), CRS (Catholic Relief Service) organized its monthly NGO partner meeting in Kompot Municipality. CEDAC President Dr. Yang Saing Koma was a key speaker for the meeting.  22 NGO staff participated in the meeting; those are the staff from CEDAC, SCW, WOSO, PNKS, FLD, ARD, FACT, SK, MB and CRS. The purpose of the meeting was to share and discuss about the results, challenges and lessons-learned related to the project implementation as well as to build up the knowledge and capacity of partner NGO’s staff. In the meeting Dr. Yang Saing Koma facilitated and discussed with the participants How to strengthen CBOs to enable them working Effectively and Sustainably.

Cambodia development trend from 1980-2020, CBO (Community Based Organization) and its linkages to other development agencies (such as NGO, government institutions, private sectors, etc.) were raised for a detail discussion. Development policy in terms of democratic development approach, flow of development funds, development growth of private sector, etc. Moreover, the discussion on development perspective in 2010-2020 was strongly discussed. On the other hand, the participants also talked actively about what will CBO do? What will NGO do? Elements to enhance sustainability of CBOs included self-decision making, capacity in terms of practical management and leadership, etc. At the end of the plenary discussion on the future development aspect, a diagram of linkage and roles of CBO, NGO, government institutions, and other development agencies was developed and discussed.

Through the organization of this meeting, the partner NGO staff could understand clearly how to support CBOs for increasing sustainability and self-reliance of CBOs. In conclusion, the meeting was very useful for the participants to gain knowledge and capacity in providing support to CBOs regarding to the future development trend.