CEDAC Organized Training on Sustainable Agriculture and Farmer Organization from 08-09 April 2010 with participation of 40 staff who are Project Coordinators, Field Coordinators, Project Officers, Project Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, and Field Community Facilitators. The training was held at Cambodia-Japan International Cooperation Center (CJCC) and facilitated by Dr. Yang Saing Koma, CEDAC President. What is the purpose of the training?

The training was mainly focus on Sustainable Agriculture throught discussion, sharing experiences, and plenary presentation. During the training, some key words related to Sustainable Agriculture were explained and agriculutral innovaitons which have been disseminated by CEDAC were discussed. There were 10 innovations were raised for discussion during the training such as system of rice intensification, vegetable growing, ecological chicken raising, pig raising, etc.

Five questions have been provided to participants regarding to Farmer Organization (FO), those are: What is Farmer Organization? What are the diffirences between Farmer Organization and CEDAC organization?, Why does CEDAC support to Farmer Organizaiton?, What kind of Farmer Organization has been supported by CEDAC? How is the support?, What are the strengths and weaknesses of our staff in the past to support to Farmer Organizaiton?, What are the points to be improved for supporting to Farmer Organization?

All in all, after the training, all participants have opportunity to review the main agricultural innovaitons as well as the meaning of each innovation; sharing experiences to each other; getting back the recommendation/improved idea; as well as gaining more understanding on the key words related to Sustainable Agriculture.