6 April 2010

Written by: Thi Bunheng

With funding support from Asia Community Trust (ACT) of Japan, CEDAC was implementing a project, namely ILFARM-KP for 3 years from 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2010. The project covered on 132 villages across 39 communes, in 7 districts of Kompong Province. On 6 April 2010, CEDAC organized a completion workshop of this project at a meeting hall of Dong Tong district.

The purpose of workshop was to present about the project results, to find out strategies to be conducted after the withdrawal of the project, and also to share the best practices.

There were 71 participants participated in the workshop. The participants included a representative of CEDAC Mr. Bao Vuthy, project officer of ILFARM-KP Mr. Thi Bunheng, president of Farmer and Nature Net (FNN) Mr. Oun Sophal, community based field assistants of ILFARM-KP, representatives from government line departments such as representatives from the Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA), representative from the Provincial Department of Women’s Affairs, representatives of farmer promoter associations, vice governors of the target districts, commune councilors, etc.

Mr. Chan Rith, a vice director of Kompot Department of Agriculture presided over the workshop. He gave opening speech of the workshop mainly concentrate to what CEDAC had implemented in Kompot Province. Then, Mr. Bao Vuthy not only presented the general information of CEDAC, but also showed the activities and results of the project ILFARM-KP to the participants. It was to notice that some experienced farmers presented their livelihood change as well as the development of their communities after existing of the project. The farmers shared about the adoption of Multi-Purpose Farming (MPF), Ecological Chicken Raising (ECR), community based rice mill cooperative, community-led saving group, etc.

The participants have gained more knowledge and understanding related to the results and experiences of implementing this project. Mr. Chan Rith provided his closing remark and encouraged the participants especially the commune councilors, involvement government officials and farmers to take more effort for continually disseminate and replicate the innovations introduced by the project.