on 5 April 2010, at CEDAC Office in Phnom Penh

Participants: Pheng Chandy, Sin Phoan, Nuon Piseith and Yim Sok Sophors

  1. I. Agenda of the meeting 5 April 2010
  1. Sharing information to each other
  2. Questionnaire of Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production
  3. Team learning
  4. HMB Association
  5. Activity plan
  1. II. Results of the meeting


  1. 1. Sharing information to each other

Nuon Piseth:

– Participated to conduct evaluation of HMB1 and HMB2 with LIKO (Japanese assistant of Mr. Fukushima). Majority of the target families have improved their livelihood through the application of vegetable growing, chicken raising. 3 families in Prey Chhnoul migrated to work at Thailand border. The target children still continue their study regularly.


Pheng Chandy:

– 22-25 March: data collected of climate change research in Kagnchreach district. Majority of the respondents are non-target families. Majority of the respondents didn’t know about climate change. The rice yield has decreased if compare to the last year. The last 2 year is hotter than the previous years, more pest outbreak, etc. The project is likely do not disseminate widely the information of the project that is why majority of the farmers didn’t know the project well.

– SRI: Dr. YSK asked me to conduct data entry of SRI, the data entry is a little bit late due to the forms are different, number of Sri farmer in old target village will be included as well such as the target area of JFPR in Prey Veng, Svay Rieng, Kompong Cham, etc. Read more….