By Dr. Yang Saing Koma,

  1. A. First session (8:00-9:00), facilitated by KRN

–          Sharing of information

–          Review of last meeting

–          Sharing self-development commitment

  1. B. Second session (10:15 to 12:15)


Development trends in the society since 1980s (by BVT)



–          Generation/decades: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s,

–          Trend, changes, opportunities and challenges in each decade/generation, and what does it means for us

–          We are in charge of the situation, or the situation is in charge of us?

–          Liberalization, privatization, decentralization, de-concentration, globalization and localization (localism), CBO, grassroots democracy, sub-national democracy: New opportunities and challenges in rural development

–          Farmer organization, different types and levels of FO

–          President, directors and advisors of farmer organizations

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