Village Based Farmer Association and Local Development

Written By: Him Noeun

“SAMAKUM TROTRUNG KAKSEKOR” [in English Association for Supporting Farmers] is the name of the village-based farmers association (VFA) that was founded on 15 October 2006 with technical assistance from CEDAC. This VFA is located in Chheu Lom village Morhareusei Commune in Kong Pisei district of Kampong Speu Province. Initially, the VFA had 1 saving group, consisting of 37 members (19 women) with savings capital 470,000 Riles. Currently, there are a total of 94 households with 446 people in the village (226 women). The VFA has 11 farmers groups: 5 saving groups (including 1 young farmer and 2 women’s groups), 1 organic rice producer group, 1 chicken producer group, 1 community shop, 1 animal feed processing enterprise, 1 rice wine distillation group, and 1 collective rice paddy group. Total membership in these groups is 110 people (88 women) from 90 households equal to 95% of all village families. Total VFA capital is 31,660,000 KH-riel. Read more…


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