On 10 March, 2010, President of CEDAC Dr. Yang Saing Koma facilitated a meeting for a whole day with Community Mobilizing Committee (CMC) in Kandal Stung District, Kandal Province. There were 45 participants attended the meeting. Those participants come from 20 communes.

The meeting discussed about (1) Creative greetings, (2) Review life journey in the past, and life journey in the future, (3) Introduction to Samchol, Reflection on change of Samchol in the past five years and since working with the project as CMC, (4) Sharing between participants who are members of saving groups, and participants who are non-members of saving groups, (5) Introduction about trend of income and saving during the life journey, Discussion on the continuation of CMC activities after the end of the project, (6) Discussion on CMC association as strategy to reinforce and expand CMC to district council.

As the result of the meeting, the participant understood more about Samchol, and they were interested to be more proactive in preparing the future life journey by investing in building their Samchol. The participants have gained more awareness about saving group and bio-digester, and it is expected that there are more people will join saving group and use bio-digester. It seems that the majority of them are interested to set up CMC district association, but CEDAC will see how many people is really committed.

Ideas for the future activities

–          We need to pay more attention on how to get people to learn to sit in small group in circle to have good discussion and sharing. It means that we need to make sure that people sit in circle, and everyone participate in the discussion. It is important process and methods in human development as well as in building social capital and democracy.

–          It can be new approach in building community by starting to work with selected community representatives in one district and then let them take over the leadership to strengthen their own community and to develop their own network or association at district level. Saving is important strategy to bind them together and to generate interest income to sustain the activities for the association.

–          There is a need to document baseline for the CMC at the beginning, and conducting evaluation to assess the change after six meetings. For example, they do not contact each other by themselves, especially relationship between communes and communes, they are not accustomed to doing reflection, they write very slow, their knowledge about government systems and structure etc.

–          Select photo on meeting activities, and display the photos during the next workshop to refresh their memory