Today, I am working on the organizational self assessment on climate change. I followed the instruction that i have learned during the training workshop at Sihanouk province from 22-26 February 2010. The organizational self assessment on climate change enabled me to know very well about what to be, to do (programs and projects), what to be integrated into our existing programs/projects. Furthermore, i also could now about strengths, capacities needed and gap to fulfill the gap, etc.

Kampong Som 2015 (4)

I expected that this task would be completed by 29 March 2010 as we expect to present this result at the workshop 2 at the end of this month. To me, I think that the organizational self assessment on climate change is very important because it is a way to discover new ideas in order to integrate the climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) into our existing programs and projects. The climate change concepts is now very necessary important for the community farmers, the local authorities and other local stakeholders because this is a hot issue happening on this world.

CEDAC will conduct a research on impact on climate change and rice next week with a few team members. The study will be conducted in 5 villages across 3 communes in Prey Veng province where is the most vulnerable province in terms of natural disaster vulnerability. Mr. Yim Sok Sophors, Mr. Vang Sean and Mr. Nhep Mengcheang will jointly conduct this research next week. It is expected that the results come up from the research will enable us to know well about the impact of climate change and rice in that studied areas. That will be used as case study and examples for the other areas.