Weekly staff meeting of CEDAC Field Progam was organized among staffs who are based in Phnom Penh. Mr. Yi Kimthan normally chairs the meeting every weekend. Yim Sok Sophors, Vang Sean, Pheng Chandy and Nuon Piseith participated in the meeting to share each other about the activities and results of what we have done during this week. Furthermore, the participants also shared about activity plan for next week as well.

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Based on the sharing from Mr. Vang Sean and Mr. Yim Sok Sophors who did end project evaluation of ALP (Agriculture Livelihood Project in the Sok San Community), it was able to know that the indigenous people have now improved their knowledge and skills relating to agricultural practices. For example, the indigenous people previously didn’t grow vegetables and lack of food for family consumption. But now they can grow vegetables for family consumption and some of them are able to produce for selling to generate more family’s incomes. Now, some indigenous farmers who have arable land near to natural water bodies, they can grow vegetables in the dry season. I noted that the vegetables produced are very good because the natural condition is fit for vegetable growing and other kinds of crops.  Some farmers said that they don’t really want to make compost because the soil fertility is good enough to  produce a good yield. I think that CEDAC’s staff there should train them more about soil nutrient management in order to help the indigenous people to be able to use the land sustainably for a long term benefit.

Miss. Pheng Chandy shared about the progress of data entry of rice value chain study in Takeo and Kompot province. Up to now, all collected questionnaires were installed into computer database system for data analysis. Mr. Chhong Sophal will be responsible to write up the synthesis report of the study. It is expected the draft report will be firstly produced during the fourth week of this month, February 2010.