On 8-9 February 2010, CEDAC organized a training workshop on Sammchal at Pailin Bomboo Hotel in purpose of strengthening the knowledge and capacity of school principals, farmer leaders of Self Help Groups/saving groups, village chief and commune council members on how to improve quality of life through the rehearsal of Samachal theory. The theory of Samachal focuses on the enlargement of Health, Knowledge, Friendship, and Money. It was to note that, in the workshop, CEDAC also revealed progress of its project implementation to the participants. Attending 30 participants, including 6 women, come from Pailin and Sala Krao districts, Pailin province.

Derived from post evaluation of the training, the participants could learn in a good way on the subject of  Samachal along with the increasing of relationship and solidarity among the participants. As the training is very helpful for the participants because it is necessary to improve their quality of life. Furthermore, they suggested having more training sessions for their communities. The participants assured to disseminate what they have learned to their colleagues and other people in their workplace. Besides, the participants also gained comprehension on advantages of community-led saving group and they commits to strongly participate in and set up saving group in their respective villages.

It is to notice CEDAC is executing second phase of project, titled “Community-led Saving Development for Poverty Reduction and Self-reliance in Pailin province” from October 15, 2009 to December 15, 2010 in 23 villages across 5 communes, in 2 districts, in Pailin province. Up to date, 36 community led saving groups with 876 members were set up with the total saving capital of 95 million Riels (approximately 23,200 USD).