By Keb Ratana,

Up to January 18, 2010, 9 workshops on CMDG (Cambodia Millennium Development Goal), with 255 participants including 72 women, have been organized by the project, titled “Happy Mountain Bird/Ensuring Access to Primary Education for Children of the Poorest Families”. This is the third phase of the project being implementing by CEDAC to support 34,000 poorest children in 300 villages across 40 communes in Kompong Chhnang province.

The participants were representatives of District Office of Education, commune council members, village chief, school principals, Community Based Facilitators (CBF), Community based Education Promoters (CEP), NGO’s staff and other local stakeholders. Summary background of CEDAC, critical information of HMB3, and the CMDG were raised for presentation and plenary discussion during the workshop. The workshops have been organized to build up the understanding and capacity of local authorities and other local stakeholders abovementioned on CMDG. All 9 goals of CMDG were presented and discussed especially the first goal “eradicate extreme poverty and hunger” and the second goal “Achieve primary education” were discussed in-depth thanks to they are strongly relevant to the implementation of HMB3.

About 90% of total participants have learned and understood well about the CMDG that will improve their commitment to ensure a good primary education within their respective communities.  Furthermore, it has provided a good opportunity to the school teachers/school principals, local authorities, and other local stakeholders to discuss actively about the education issue in their respective communities especially their effort to achieve the CMDG. Moreover, the action plan was developed by the participants in order to contribute to accomplishing of primary children’s education.