The data entry of the paddy value study at Kompot and Kompong Speu provinces were completed. Pheng Chandy, Kong Sina and Nuon Piseth, cedac’s staff, conducted the data entry. Chhong Sophal will write the research report by analyzing those data. It is to note that the paddy value chain study was conducted by CBO representatives in Kompot and Kompong Speu province. It was very good change for the community people to conduct the study by themselves. By doing so, they were able to learn how to conduct paddy value chain as well as they could gain more knowledge and information about paddy production and paddy market in their respective areas. The first draft report will be distributed to the CBO representatives to check and comment on the report. They would be able to add more additional information that they could learn from their effort in the fields that was recently conducted.

Sun Vatannak, staff of CRS, expected to continue in providing strengthening the capacity and knowledge to this team so that this team will become a good team that is able to provide good development services in their communities. Those CBOs can raise proposal to CRS in order to ask for grant to cover on the training sessions.