Reflection Meeting between CEDAC and PACT

On 18-19 January 2010, CEDAC and PACT Cambodia conducted a 2-day reflection meeting about the implementation of the project “Local Administration and Reform/LAAR” at CEDAC’s office in Tramkak district, Takeo province. It is to note CEDAC has cooperated with PACT to implement this project since 2006, the project is funded by USAID. Up to now, 3 phases of the project has been implemented.

The purpose of the meeting was to reflect the progress of the project, to find out recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of project implementation. Furthermore, the meeting aimed to strengthen and build up capacity of the project’s staffs in relation to the financial management as well. Totally, 7 people participated in the meeting, included 5 CEDAC’s staffs and 2 staffs from PACT.

Mr. Yi Kim Than, director of CEDAC Field Program, Mrs. Hell Simon, program officer and Ms. Oung Chan Mony, senior grant management officer of PACT were the main facilitators of the meeting. It is to emphasize that the participants discussed and conducted reflection in detail about progress of the project implementation, the progress of staff capacity, effectiveness of implementing social development projects, reporting and monitoring system, financial management, etc.

Finally, the meeting has achieved fruitful results especially the participants could learn that the project has accomplished more results if compare to the last quarter. In addition, the project’s staff are clear about the progress of the project implementation, they could learn well from their prior experiences and could improve more skills to implement and manage the project successfully.

Reflection Meeting between CEDAC and PACT

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