CEDAC Field Program (FNP) organized a meeting on January 08, 2010,  with the participation of its coordination team members, the members of FNP coordination team are the one who is the permanent staff of CEDAC/FNP. About 25 staffs participated in the meeting. The meeting was conducted in order to prepare the staff salary for 2010. Mr. Yi Kimthan who is the director of FNP facilitated the meeting smoothly for a full day at CILD (Cedac Institute for Local Development) office in Phnom Penh. During the meeting, staff salary was raised to talk over based on the policy of CEDAC. In the meeting, the participants prepared the proposed budget plan of FNP for 2010. Both staff salary and proposed budget of Cedac Field Program will be submitted to CSC (Cedac Steering Committee) in order to ask for the official approval.

Subsequently, all participants, Mr. Sim Samoeun (Executive director), Mr. Tath Sok (representative from Credit Cooperative) and Mr. Ouch Ngak (human resource manager) participated in the evening party as well. We have discussed and shared notions and experiences from one another.

Dawn to dusk, the meeting was conducted successfully with a happy environment and we got more energy to work more smarter in 2010. It is expected that we will have more projects for CEDAC Field Program in 2010 so that we can expand our scope of work to support rural  poor, marginalized people, poorest families, indigenous minority people, rural women, children to improve the quality of life and social development in the respective communities. We will be able to serve the benefit of 300,000 families in 6000 villages to overcome the poverty and improve the quality of life through the promotion of family’s ecological agriculture, community-led businesses, collective saving, establishment of farmer organizations and networks, etc.