On 5-6 January 2010, CEDAC organized its annual assembly at CJCC (Cambodia-Japan International Cooperation Center) for 2 days in order to reflect the results have been accomplished in 2009. About 300 participants, included CEDAC’s staffs and other local stakeholders such as representatives of village based farmer associations, farmer producer groups, collective saving group, rural women, youths, people living with HIV/AIDS, school principals,  participated in the assembly.

Generally, representatives of each main component of CEDAC presented the main results achieved in 2009 as well as we have learned about the strategy of CEDAC 2010-2014. Mr. Yi Kimthan who is the director of CEDAC Field Program (FNP) presented the activities and results of FNP in 2009 and we generally could learn that FNP had finished some development project successfully and received more development grants to implement more projects within its target provinces. There are good progresses in terms of improving the livelihood of small farmers, help poorest children to go to school regularly, improving local governance, improved the women power in social status, promoting indigenous people to be active in agricultural and rural development, etc. Many other main components of CEDAC were working well in 2009, such as CILD (CEDAC Institute for Local Development), Publication and Communication, Research and Development, Health and Environment,  CEDAC Cooperative, etc.

Additionally, the election of CEDAC’s was conducted and Dr. Yang Saing Koma was selected to continue his duties as the CEDAC’s president for another 2-year mandate thanks to his good leadership. Moreover, 9 members of CSC (CEDAC Steering Committee) were also selected during the assembly. Up to 2014, CEDAC aims to improve the livelihood of 500,000 farmer families in 6000 villages in Cambodia.