New Year, 2010 will bring CEDAC more achievements and progresses toward the implementation of the EU funding projects. It is to note that CEDAC is implementing 5 EU funding projects by its own and in collaboration with other partner NGOs. Those projects are included:

  1. Improving Livelihood for Women and Rural Poor in Mundulkiri Province
  2. Improving Food Security of the Most Vulnerable Families in Prey Veng Province
  3. Development of food production, farming incomes, nutrition and resilience in rural Cambodia (CEDAC is a partner NGO of GRET in implementing this  project in Prey Veng and Svay Rieng Provinces)
  4. Poverty Reduction among Subsistence Rice Farmers through the Promotion of Sustainable Livelihood System (PRS-EU), CEDAC is a partner NGO of EED
  5. ALDI project is implementing in Ratanakiri province as a partner with GAA

Additionally, CEDAC Field Program has been implementing many other projects involve in Agricultural Extension, Agriculture and Local Development Association, Saving Group for Self-Reliance, Local Governance, Primary Education, Rural Women Empowerment, People living with HIV/AIDS, and Climate Change.  More detail information about CEDAC…

The implementation of the projects abovementioned will contribute to achieve the vision and mission of CEDAC align with the strategic paper from 2010-2014. CEDAC Envision a Cambodian society where small farmers enjoy good living conditions and strong mutual cooperation, with the rights and power to determine their own destiny. As well as playing an important role in supplying healthy food for the whole society. In period of 2010 and 2014, CEDAC commits to benefit 500,000 farmer families in 6000 villages throughout Cambodia.