This morning, I, Yim Sok Sophors, improved the concept note on climate change of CEDAC Field Program. Some relevant figures were included in the problem statement of the concept note. Additionally, I have also improved the expected outputs, indicators and sustainability, etc.

I think that the concept note is more sharpened. The team members need to give more ideas in order to improve the concept note from time to time. Hopefully, we will be able to develop a good concept note/strategy paper of climate change before the general assembly of CEDAC on 5-6 January 2009.

The strategy paper will be used effectively in order to develop some proposals concerning to climate change under the intervention of CEDAC Field Program. I impressed that what CEDAC has been doing currently are actually relevant to climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation. The community resilient agricultural innovations are being promoted and disseminated to the community people. For example, we introduced System of Rice Intensification (SRI) to small farmers. The SRI is more resistant to drought and flood. The farmers who have smaller rice field can harvest more yield with a better productivity. On the other hand, Multi-Purpose Farm (MPF) is very helpful for farmers to convert their unproductive rice field to be a productive farm, the definitely can harvest various agricultural products while they applied MPF. The farmers can get fuel wood for cooking, they can have tree leaves to use a green manure to spread on the rice field, they can have pole for house construction, farmers can also get vegetable, fruit, fishes, rice… from the farm. The preparation of MPF provide to farmers multi products that is why it is called Multi Purpose Farm. There are many activities that CEDAC has been doing in the fields, such as the promotion of bio-digestor plant, improved cook-stove, tree planting, etc. All contribute to conserve and improve the natural resources, increase farmers’ agricultural production and productivity to ensure food security and market supplies in the respective communities.