09-12 November 2009, Mr. Yim Sok Sophors conducted a field mission to Kompot province in order to conduct a field research on rice value chain study in Chumkiri, Kompong Trach and Dong Tong districts, in Kompot province. A research team was set up for implementing this research project in Kompot.

The former trainees of YAE (Young Agri-Entrepreneur) and the project’s staff of Saving for Self-Reliance participated in this value chain study. At the same time, they also learned from and know how to conduct this study as well. Based on the research proposal, the team will select 25 villages in 6 communes in 3 districts for the study. There will be 200 farmers will be interviewed.

It is expected that we will be able to know the amount of paddy annually produced by the farmers in the studied districts as well as to know about the volume of rice imported from Vietnam for domestic supply. The impact of community-led rice mills will also be studied in detail in order to know its impacts to food availability in the areas as well as to know the main challenges of the operation and management.