From 06-09 October 2009, I went to Kampot province to conduct preliminary research on paddy value chain market. I went to 3 districts, included Kampong Trach, Banteay Meas and Chumkiri. During the field visit, Mr. Nhep Mengcheang accompanied with me to visit the districts. On the other hand, I also met some officials of agricultural of offices of each studied districts. Referring to the result of discussion with CEDAC’s staff in Kampot, it is to recommend that those 3 districts mentioned above should be included as the target studied area of this research project because those district have many farmers can produce paddy for selling and 2 of them are located at the border with Vietnam.

Additionally, this field visit was also conducted in order to test the questionnaires that I have prepared. Based on this activity, questionnaires need to be improved and updated with further information that is strongly relevant to this research project. Exactly, we can come up with more ideas after discussion with experienced farmers and other key persons. I think that some existing information can be collected in collaboration with the officials of agricultural offices at the district level. It is good to include in the finding report.

I think that this field visit enabled me to learn more ideas from the key persons in the village, previously I did not target to meet the officials of agricultural offices, but I could meet during the visit. Additionally, I have collected some basic data information that is relevant to this research. I will collect more information in other districts such as Banteay Meas and Kampong Trach.

At the next time, I will form research team and I will facilitate to conduct the field research of this project in the field. I think that it is good if I can invite the officials of agricultural offices to participate in collecting data information in the studied districts. They will help us in providing relevant information from the agricultural offices of each district.