July 10, 2009 the core team meeting of CEDAC field program was organized with 25 staff, they are all the project officers, program officers and program director. The meeting lasted for one day from the morning to the evening. I observed that it is good that all of the participants have shared their project’s progress to each other so that we can share and learn the information from each other. I note that the program officers are likely interested to pay attention to the commune projects, to pay attention about quality of the work. Many staff who have been implementing such project shared their knowledge and experience of implementing this project to one another. Miss. Kong Sokchhoin, the secretariate of FNN also participated in the meeting and she shared about the progress of FNN in terms of receiving the financial support from the international donor.

Additionally, the other project officers have shared about the progress of SRI practices at the beginning of this rainy season. Most of the projects have organized the SRI campaigns during this month. During the meeting, Mr. Meas Samica presented about the project “Farmer Training in SRI and Farmer Organization”. The general informaiton of the project was presented by comparing the actual results and the expected results. Additionally, the important lessons-learned of implementing the project was also presented during the presentation. Ultimately, the participants have discussed about the action research that will be conducted by each project.

The result of the meeting is good as we have known the progress of the project, we have strengthened the management and implementation of the project, we have knew and learned in detail about the experiences and implementing strategies of the project Farmer Training in SRI and Farmer Organization, and we have determined the number of groups and farmers for conducting participatory action research in this year.