From o1 to 03 July, 2009 core staff of CEDAC organized a strategic meeting 2009-2013 at Sihaknouk province for 3 days. At the time, we have conducted the reflection about the factors within CEDAC and outside CEDAC and then to draw up the conclusion and lessons-learned of what we have carried out previously. The present situation of CEDAC was also diagnosed in terms of human resources, capital, services, local development, etc. The barriers/constrainst including both insider and outside factors were analyzed at that time.

Later on, the participants have developed a draft expectation for the next 5 years from 2009 to 2013 based on the current situaation of CEDAC. The following were inclued in the discussion during the meeting:

  1. CEDAC shop
  2. Village bank (Saving)
  3. Research
  4. Organic rice producer group
  5. Number of beneficiaries
  6. ALDA, YCL (Young Community Leader)
  7. CEDAC Farm
  8. Certification of organic product
  9. Vocational training center
  10. Long term research project
  11. Hosting students/visitors
  12. Ecological villages
  13. Young graduate
  14. etc,

Based on the result of the meeting, it enabled me to receive a clear understanding about the strategic plan of CEDAC for 2009-2013. Generally, I noted that CEDAC is moving in progress faster than the plan that is why the strategic plan is always updated in terms of expanding the scope of work. At this time, we will more attention to take into account for strengthening the quality of our work. Additionally, based on the result of the discussion, I myself could mention that CEDAC’s staff have a similar point of view in determining the future of CEDAC, it is really good that all of staff have similar perspectives so that it will be a strong energy to move forward.