On Tuesday, 18 June 2009, I (Yim Sok Sophors, a staff member of CEDAC) participated in the meeting with representatives of the other NGOs like HKI and GAA. The meeting was taken place at Welthungerhilfe/GAA office, Phnom Penh.


The following are the names of participants:

1. Mr. Yim Soksophors, CEDAC
2. Mr. Aminuzzaman Talukder, HKI
3. Mr. Hou Kroeun, HKI
4. Mr. Walter Berier, Welthungerhilfe/GAA
5. Mrs. Christina Warning, Welthungerhilfe/GAA
6. Mrs. Angela Kahl, Welthungerhilfe/GAA

The meeting was organized among the NGO partners that have received grant support from the European Commission (EC) for the purpose of discussing about the how to conduct baseline survey, end line survey and global indicator with the technical support from the international consultant. At the end of the meeting, each NGO partner has agreed to conduct jointly baseline survey, end line survey and global indicators. A budget package is developed with the contribution of all NGO partners. Additionally, GAA act as the coordinating NGO that facilitate the coordinating meeting among all NGO partners from this month to end of this year.