On June 09, I (Yim Sok Sophors) went to participate in the presentation of the project “Children’s Empowerment through Education Services (CHES): Eliminating the Worst Forms of Child Labor in Prey Veng” in the office of Winrock in Phnom Penh. Mr. Yi Kimthan, the senior program officer of CEDAC Field Program presented the above-mentioned proposed project to the panel committee, Dr Yang Saing Koma, the president of CEDAC also participated in that event. The presentation took time about 1 hour included presentation and question & answer forum from the panel members.Blue Horizontal

The specific objectives and expected outputs of the project are:

  1. 2,578 children withdrawn or prevented from the worst forms of labor through the provision of direct education services, and they are able to attend school regularly;
  2. Increased awareness of local authority, parent and stakeholders on the importance of education and negative impact of child labor and developed collective action among local stakeholders, school teachers, school principles and local authorities to prevent from the worst form of child labor and promote children education
  3. Improved the livelihood of 900 parents to overcome the poverty through application of innovations in ecological agriculture, especially system of rice intensification, animal husbandry, aquaculture, home gardening and participation in saving group.

If this proposal is approved, CEDAC will be able to continue the implementation in 45 villages across 9 villages of 3 districts, Baphnom, Kompong Trabek and Prah Sdach districts. The most vulnerable families will be supported by the project to improve the livelihood and to enable them send the children to primary education and to protect from exploitation of child labor in agricultural sector and so on. The final result will come out during the period of next week!