CEDAC field program organized coordinating team meeting for a whole day on June 08, 2009 with the participation of all project officers; approximately 20 participants included project officers, zonal coordinators and program officers. Mr. Bao Vuthy who is the zonal coordinator of zone 1 (Takeo and Kompot province) acted as the main facilitator of the meeting.27082008859.jpg

The agenda of the meeting was conducted as follows:

  1. Sharing attractive information from the field
  2. Sharing progress of the project in the previous month
  3. Cooperation among each other, project and project, department and department
  4. Review discussion and field work on SRI promotion for the future rainy season
  5. Team learning on climate change (Mr. Vann Sarorn who is the project officer of CEDAC field program to be responsible for the project of climate change presented the general overview of the project and Mr. Yi Kimthan who is the senior program officer of CEDAC field program presented about the general concept of climate change specifically the presentation on climate change mitigation and adaptation)
  6. Sum up and impression of the meeting

As the result, we could share and know much information relating to each other especially we knew about the specific progress of each project. Importantly, all of the participants have learned more about the project relating to Climate Change that was presented by Mr. Vann Sarorn and Mr. Yi Kimthan. Moreover, we understood about the Kyoto protocol as well. For example, 37 industrialized countries in the annex 1.

Additionally, we could note that all of the agricultural innovations introduced by CEDAC are strongly connected to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, such as the ecological System of Rice Intensification (SRI), System of Intensification and Diversification (SID), integrated home gardening, improved cook stove, small scale irrigation scheme…etc. Particularly, the staff who have provided both internal and external services need record well the number of man/day conducted. Moreover, the rain is starting and farmers started preparing seedbed so that campaign of SRI promotion need to be conducted on time.