3-5 June 2009, the group discussion with key informants in Dok Vann village and Steung villages were conducted by Mr. Yim Sok Sophors and Miss Pheng Chandy. The topics of the discussion were focused on effect of saving group, farmer producer groups, level of adoption and adaptation of SRI in the village as well as the change of income of the target families after cooperating with CEDAC’s project, ILFARM-TK.DSC03379

Up to now, the team has conducted individual interview in 2 villages, by interviewing with the leaders of village-based farmer association, representatives of collective saving groups, rice farmer producer group, chicken farmer producer group and rice farmer.Generally, the technique of system of rice intensification is well adopted/adapted by the farmers, but most of them are difficult to transplant in row. The quantity of chemical fertilizer is decreased but the expenditure for buying chemical fertilizer is not decreased because of the price of chemical fertilizer is more expensive. Farmer are understood well about the advantages of collective saving group as they can earn their own profit, but the amount of their capital is too small which cannot meet the demand even for their group members. Cash outflow from the village is very, very much. However, the income of the farmers is increased after improving of their agricultural technical practices.

Continue from the previous week, from June 09-12, 2008 Mr. Yim Sok Sophors and Miss Pheng Chandy continued conducting focus group discussion with the key informants in the studied villages. So far, 8 focus group discussion in 8 villages out of 12 villages have been conducted. Relating to the individual interview, the members of ALDA have already completed in 6 villages, there will be 6 other villages to be completed for next week.