Proposal writing on food security and nutrition

Today, June 02, 2009 I myself (Yim Sok Sophors) have started to write up the project proposal on food security for Prey Veng province with Mr. Yi Kimthan who is the senior program officer of CEDAC Field Program. Generally, the project’s idea, logical framework, activity work plan and proposed budget have been firstly prepared. Later on, the full proposal will be written based what have been thought and prepared.

For the days after, Mr. Yi Kimthan and Mr. Yim Sok Sophors will write up the results as well as the activities of the project.We hope that we can finish the proposal on time and submit it to Dr. Yang Saing Koma, the president of CEDAC for comment and then the proposal will be submitted to EC. It is to note that this proposed proposal will select the target province in Prey Veng so that CEDAC can continue its intervention in this project if the proposal will be approved.


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