On May 29, 2009 Internal M&E team of CEDAC Field Program organized a internal monthly team meeting with the participation of Mr. Vorng Sean, Nuon Piseth, Chhin Chhunhoir, and Miss Pheng Chandy. The meeting was facilitated by Mr. Yim Sok Sophors, the M&E coordinator of CEDAC Field Program.


The meeting focused on the following agenda:

  1. Sharing attractive information from the field
  2. Sharing of activities and results in May 2009
  3. Self-reflection on what the team did well, what are not working well, what to be improved, etc
  4. Expectation of important work that the team members want to achieve
  5. Team Learning on project development and Microsoft Excel (Pivot Table)
  6. Sum-up and impression of the meeting

As a result, the team members could share and learned from each other about the activities and achievement have been done in May 2009. Importantly, the team members discussed more detail about the problems and challenges of doing the recent work. In this meeting, it is important that all of the team members can know and understand about the necessary important that each of them want to do. The next meeting will be conducted on 29 June 2009.