26-28 May 2009, Mr. Yim Soksophors went to the project ILFARM-TK, Tramkak district of Takeo province, for starting the first step of conducting the internal evaluation of this project. Miss. Pheng Chandy also accompanied with me to the project. During this trip, we have met and discussed with the team members who are the community based field assistants of the project. 5 of them will involve in the data collection and 2 come from CEDAC Field Program will involve in organizing group discussion with key informants. Therefore, 7 total members will in involve in conducting this evaluation for 15 days, including all the preparation phase, data collection and data entry as well as reporting. At the second day of this trip, I have presented the objectives and methodologies of the evaluation especially to explain them about questionnaires for individual interview. On the same day, all of us went to Trapaing Srange village for testing of the questionnaires. At the tomorrow morning on 28 May 2009, we conducted the reflection of what we have done yesterday relating to the test of questionnaires so that we could correct and improved the quality of the questionnaires.155292_165302986835328_7302270_n.jpg

On the other hand, Mr. Yim Soksophors also met and discussed with Mrs. Mok Chenda, the project officer of ILFARM-TK to discuss about the evaluation and she fully cooperated with us in term of determining the sample villages, reviewing the household baseline in 2006 and providing name list of farmers that we are possibly going to select for interview in order to know the level of income change before and after existing of the project, human resources of the project for conducting this evaluation. The farmers will be selected randomly among the families that have been already conducted the household baseline in 2006, at that time, the household baseline was conducted by Mr. Suon Seng’s team.
Later on, the questionnaires will be submitted to all relevant staff of this project for providing their comment and then the team will be able to conduct the data collection. Next week, on June 3, 2009 I will be in Tramkak to continue this work in the field.