From 11-13 May 2009, I went to Prey Veng province in purpose of conducting the fact finding for gathering the data information for the proposal writing. Mr. Yi Kimthan, Mr. Meas Samica and Mr. Chhin Chhunhoir who are the staff members of CEDAC also accompanied with me to that province. Our team has facilitated the group discussion with the key informants of the villages, those key informants are the leaders of village-based farmer associations, representatives of the collective saving groups, village chief and commune council members.


In each group discussion, our team spent about 3 hours to discuss about the general basis date of the villages, the positive impacts of previous CEDAC’s projects as well as to discuss about the main problems which are happening now and what we should do to deal with those problems effectively. Totally, 3 group discussion meetings were organized separately in Baphnom, Kompong Trabek and Prah Sdach districts.


According to the result of the fact finding, we could know the real situation of the village concerning to the food security and to know more detail about the situation of the poorest families and other vulnerable families in the villages. The understanding of the situation is very helpful for us to write up the proposal appropriately with the real condition of the proposed targeted districts.