ALP will visit ILFARM-KP

ALP-MDR (Agricultural Livelihood Program for the Sok San Indigenous Community) will organize a field study on village based farmer association and to learn other agricultural innovations to ILFARM-Kompot in this month, May 2009. The potential farmers who are cooperating with the project will be invited to join the study tour. Hopefully, those will be able to learn new ideas relating to the practical experiences of formation and management of FAs in Kompot province and it will motivate them to set up village based farmer associations in their communities, the indigenous communities, to improve their livelihood and to contribute in the development of their own communities.

It is to remind that ALP used to conduct 2 external visits to Takeo for 22 interested farmers and another one visit to Ratanakiri province for 18 key farmers and this will be the third visit for potential farmers who can be the management committee members of village based farmer associations. Practically, based on the visits, the indigenous people can understand well about new ideas or agricultural innovations introduced by the project because they could learn directly from the experienced farmers and they could also see the real practices in the field/farm. Therefore, it motivated them to apply innovations amid the trust is being increased.


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