Meeting with Dr. Craig A Meisner and Dr. John M.Schiller

On 27 April, 2009 Mr. Yim Sok Sophors met and discussed with Dr. Craig A Meisner (Research and Extension Manager) from Australian Center for International Agricultural Research and Dr. John M.Schiller (Honorary Consultant) from the University of Queenland at the office of CEDAC in Phnom Penh.

The discussion focused on the CARF-7 call for proposal. During the meeting, Dr. Craig A Meisner and Dr. John M.Schiller presented and explained about the guideline of the CARF-7 call for proposal especially the objectives of the research proposal are needed to be unique which is no one have conducted it previously, the proposed research proposal should include various members from different institutions to be the team members of the whole research team and finally, there should be a good mean of widely dissemination of research finding at the end of the project.

As a result of the meeting, we have shared and learned well about this call for proposal and we do hope that we can apply for this call successfully.

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