April 10, 2009 CEDAC organized it general assembly with the participation of all CEDAC staff from the different main components such as CEDAC-Field program (FP), CEDAC Institute for Local Development (CILD), Research development and Consulting service, environment and health (RDC), publication unit, CEDAC Enterprise for Social Development (CESDE). Approximately, 250 staff had participated in the assembly.


The agenda of the assembly was mainly focused on sharing of each component’s achievement during the first quarter of this year (2009) especially to compare of what has been doing by each component which is contributed to the achievement of overall goal and mission of CEDAC in general. It is to note that CEDAC-Field Program has got direct funding support from EC for implementing a development project in Mondulkiri province. It is the first project that CEDAC gets direct fund support from EC.

Particularly, during the meeting, Dr. Yang Saing Koma provided several questions for participant to take into account. Those questions were raised to the participants in order to consider about what kind of society that they prefer to live especially they prefer for their children to live in? Are they currently working to contribute to the accomplishment of their expectation?
In response to this question, Mr. Prak Sereyvath who is the senior program adviser of CEDAC had shared his knowledge based on his visit to France. He had shared about the restaurant that sell organic food for students at schools. He expected that his children will be able to eat organic good in Cambodia too. Organic good is very necessary important to ensure a good health of students that is strongly effected to the human health of the whole society in the coming future, he added. Moreover, Mr. Phin Sopheap who is the member of advisory board of CEDAC had shared that there are 5 capitals (human capital, social capital, financial capital, physical capital, and natural capital), but the most important among them is human capital and he emphasized on health. If we have a good health and education, the other capitals will be achieved automatically afterward, he said.

Furthermore, at the afternoon of that day, the financial regulation was also raised for plenary presentation and discussion during the assembly. It was picked for discussion in order to strengthen the quality of financial management of CEDAC to become an international standard. Relating to the progress of work, it is to note that the participants also had opportunity to discuss and share what they have achieved during the first quarter of this year to each other so that they could learn and understand each other in term of their successful works and what need to be improved for the next quarter.

At the evening of the meeting day, CEDAC organized a party with the staff in order to celebrate the fruitful result of the meeting and especially to celebrate for Khmer New year that is coming soon after the meeting. Please new year brings to all CEDAC staff and all people with new success and happiness in life, especially your role and contribution to the community development.