02-03 April 2009, 14 staff of CEDAC Field Program have attended the training support which is trained by Dr. Yang Saing Koma, the president of CEDAC. Such training is conducted regularly every 3 months with direct support from the president of CEDAC.


The purpose of the training is to provide capacity building the core staff of CEDAC field program in term of self development and the updated development approach of CEDAC.

Relating to the activities of during the training, first of all, each participants have shared to each other the general information relating to the work and achievement. Later on the small group discussion which consisted of 3-4 participants was conducted in order to share the successful things and unsuccessful things that each one have done during the first quarter of this year, furthermore the participants have also discussed about the improving points and main expectation for the next quarter, April to June 2009.

After presenting the impression of group representatives relating to their small group discussion, some key words were found out like: Team Learning, Learning Network, Learning Facilitators, Leading to ask questions, etc. All participants have learned to development questions for empowering the others.

To me, I noted that the methodology used during the training was followed to the adult learning approach that allowed most of the participants actively participated in the whole training session. Especially, it was a good time for all participants to exchange their knowledge and practical experience (Best Practices) in the field. The training enabled me to review on what I have learned, for example the concept of learning organization and other main key words as mentioned-above. Additionally, it stimulated me to consider about what should i do specifically after the training.

There are some Best Practices that we need to capitalize:

  1. Staff management and team work
  2. Staff capacity building
  3. Capacity building for farmer leaders at the communities
  4. How to formulate the farmer group, village based farmer association and network
  5. Reporting skill
  6. Database management
  7. Budget and financial management
  8. Cooperation with local authorities and stakeholders
  9. Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  10. Cases-studied
  11. How to arrange and organize a good workshop
  12. Self Development
  13. Capacity building to next generation to become a good leader/manager