01 April 2009, the core team meeting of field program was held with the participation of 12 participants, included Mr. Sim Samoeun, Mr. Yi Kimthan, Mr. Bao Vuthy, Mr. Yim Bunlong, Miss. Pheng Chandy, Mrs. Mok Chenda, Miss. Luy Theary, Mr. Lang Chanthea, Mr. Seng Sopheak, Mr. Pel Chivita, Mr. Hour Sreng, Mr. Y Kadum and Mr. Yim Sok Sophors. Those participants are the program director, program officers, project coordinators and project officers.


Main agenda of the meeting was pointed out as follows:

  1. To share information relating to the progress of the project from each participant
  2. To draw up the logo of CEDAC-Field Program
  3. To determine the salary of the project staff from donors
  4. To provide information and select authorized staff for the supervision of commune project
  5. To improve the internal financial regulation of CEDAC-Field Program

First of all, the participants have shared to each other about the general information that they have learned from the field and other relevant information relating to Agriculture and Rural Development. Based the sharing information from the staff of PRS-EU project, it is to note that the association of young community leaders are working well in term of providing development assistance services to the local authorities and other local stakeholders. Each association can make gross income approximately of 1000 US$/month. It is good to hear that those YCL associations are able to get self-financed. However, those YCL associations need to find more work in order to sustain their associations effectively.

Moreover, the participants had also discussed about the supervision of commune project and also debated about the improved financial policy of the program. Mr. Kin Mengse who is the senior program officer of CEDAC-Field Program interested to be responsible for managing the commune projects which are direct operated by Mr. Say Tith. Later on, the financial regulation was picked up for improvement in order to ensure that process of financial management is enhanced. In short, the meeting enabled to all participants are clear enought about management of the whole program.