On 30 March 2009, the monitoring and evaluation team of CEDAC’s Field Program was organized with the participation of 6 staff (Yim Sok Sophors, Chhin Chhunhoir, Nuon Piseth, Pheng Chandy,Vang Sean, Sin Phoan and Phorn Phira).


The meeting was carried out with the following agenda:

  1. Introduction of the agenda/program of the meeting
  2. Review the last meeting in February 2009
  3. Sharing the activities and critical information which have been conducted in March 2009
  4. Prepare the action plan for April 2009
  5. To prepare the guideline for the study on agricultural situation
  6. Team learning on Microsoft Access
  7. Synthesize of the meeting and impression from participants

The meeting lasted only from a half day, and we could shared and learned from each other very well especially all participants are able to learn Ms. Access from experienced staff that is helpful for database management. I noted that the participants felt that the meeting is helpful for them to learn more innovations. To me, I think that it is good if we have a form for database management that each project under the program can manage the information successfully. The next meeting will be held on 27 April 2009. The meeting venue will be informed later.